Have you always wondered how the Federal Reserve decisions impact us all the way on the other side of the world?

You would have surely heard all about the Federal Reserve (FED) increasing or decreasing interest rates, keeping the economy going, and many other statements. However, how does it actually impact you as the ordinary person on the ground? And especially if you are halfway across the world. Should you care about what the Federal Reserve does?

In a nutshell, the FED increases or decreases the interest rate of the economy. This means that it affects loan interest rate, fixed…

Interested in knowing how did Bermaz (Mazda), Toyota and Proton fared during the recent lockdown. Here are 5 things you should know about them!

For people who are interested in how the car seller players in the market are performing, this article aims to analyze their performance during the recent MCO lockdown and determine which car seller is actually the star performer out of everyone. The analysis will help you determine which players you should invest in if you are looking for a car seller company to invest in, and mainly look at simple data of the companies involved and…

That’s right, I actually looked into how much Malaysia actually spends protecting wildlife and their habitats. Every year, the Department of Statistics would publish data on how much is spent in protecting the environment specifically in areas of

  1. Pollution Management
  2. Protection of wildlife and habitat
  3. Environmental assessment and charges
  4. Waste management
  5. Other environmental protection expenditure

This article will focus on how much is being spent on the protection of wildlife and habitat. Here are 4 things that you should know about this in Malaysia.

Protection of Wildlife and Habitat only constitute 0.2% of total environmental expenditure in 2019.

In 2019…

The title of the article says it all. The KLCI has basically been on a freefall the past couple of weeks due to the political blunders by the ruling government. The article here will summarise 4 main points that you should take away from the market now.

KLCI is down mainly due to political instability and the escalating Covid-19 cases … even with lockdowns.

There are 4 main events that have lead to the state of the market now. The Malaysian market was at a strong level of 1,590 on 18 June 2021 as cases were coming down. However, the…

Is Malaysia a failed state? At least Daniel Gloss seems to think that Malaysia is heading in that direction. But is that true? What does the data say? This article here will first explore what is the definition of a failed state, then examine Malaysia’s position in the world. It will then investigate the historical trend of Malaysia’s performance, and analyze which composition of Malaysia’s performance are the highest and lowest. This analysis will utilise data from Fund for Peace.

What is a failed state? It generally means that the state is unable to protect its citizens or perform its…

I am sure you would have read the news on the government’s relentless drive to increase the vaccination rate in Malaysia. Recently, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob has said that Malaysia currently exceeds the world average for daily vaccinations per capita. What does this mean? What is daily vaccination per capita? When will we achieve herd immunity? This article will explore Malaysia’s context in the Covid-19 vaccination process and determine the truth of what the government is saying.

What is Daily Vaccination per Capita? Is it a reliable measure to be used as a comparison between countries?

The government has just released its latest incentives package called the PEMULIH, and is worth about RM150bn in terms of stimulus to the economy. This comes after the announcement of the last big stimulus package called PENJANA, and is geared mainly for the ongoing lockdown now. I will be reviewing the following main incentives to see whether they have the bang for the buck:

  • Cash assistance for M40, B40 households, workers who lost their jobs, and disabled
  • Electricity Bill Disocunt for Households and Businesses
  • Salary subsidy for workers
  • Withdrawal of EPF money
  • Six-month moratoriums for borrowers, PTPTN, and JPA


Celcom and Digi have inked a transaction agreement to merge together (Source)

Big news coming from the telecommunication industry in Malaysia, Axiata Celcom and Digi are planning to merge together after signing the transaction agreement. This deal is expected to result in a pre-synergy equity value of RM50bn and a combined market capitalisation of RM70bn. Pre-synergy here means that it's just the sum of the equity value of the companies without realising any benefits from the merger. The merger is expected to generate about cost and CAPEX synergies of around RM8bn on a net present value basis. Now, net present…

This week boasted some big news coming out of the current Covid-19 news in Malaysia with the announcement of the full MCO lockdown starting from 1 June 2021, oxygen services for healthcare sector at risk and the termination of Tajuddin as the CEO of Prasarana after his handling of the LRT collision accident. Other news include the worrying high inflation in the United States and the cryptocurrency market collapse.

Full MCO Lockdown: Malaysia to go through full MCO lockdown from 1 June to 14 June 2020. (News Source Here)

The increases in Covid-19 cases this past week has meant that…

Mitsui has reportedly stated its intention to privatise IHH Healthcare Berhad, with some private equity investors stating their interest to do so with Mitsui. I have previously covered the company in part 1 and part 2, and forecasted that IHH will trade around RM5.30 where it is currently trading at RM5.28 now. Trading at a price earnings ratio of 225 times now, IHH is the darling of the healthcare industry in Malaysia with significant exposure in overseas healthcare industries especially in Singapore, Europe, India and most recently China. Mitsui’s intention to explore the privatisation of IHH does present an interesting…

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